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Friends and Family,

 Before we get into what this way of eating is, we feel compelled to tell you how and why we ended up seeking out this information and finally putting it into practice. Initially, our chiropractor Dr. Mathew McNally introduced us to this concept. We made a few small changes over the course of 2-3 months with some positive results, but were still not feeling very healthy in general. We really had no complaints to go to a doctor with, but were very motivated by wanting to experience a better level of health for ourselves. With this in mind, we sought out Dr. Renee Welhouse, N.D. She is a naturopathic doctor with a Ph. D in herbal nutrition (etc, etc) who practices many different types of holistic healthcare and specializes in the holistic treatment of cancer patients. We can sum up what she does in general by saying that she teaches her patients how to eat well and take care of their bodies and has several methods of assessment and treatment that involve diet, nutritional supplementation, homeopathic remedies, and other methods of treatment that she uses to successfully treat most common conditions. The food combining way of eating, as far as we can tell, is one of the major cornerstones of her program. Also, so as to not mis-perceive alternative treatment methods for illness, it is also worth noting that this type of holistic care does not need to be done in the absence of medical care. That is a personal choice for anyone.


Our Health Improvements:


Since we began eating this way, we have noticed a fairly long list of health improvements. The obvious one, which has invited most of your inquiries, has been our weight loss. We have both lost approx 35-40 pounds. Please know that our motivation for doing this was not to lose weight, but to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We did not feel like we had this much to lose, but were quite happy when it came off. Also please know that we do not starve ourselves in any way. We still eat until we are full, but our bodies are better able to digest and use the food that we eat due to proper combining. Some friends and family members have expressed concern about our weight loss, however we assure anyone concerned regarding our health that we continue to eat a variety of foods which are much more nutritious than anything we ever ate previously.

 Other health improvements:

(These are due to a combination of proper food combining and other things we are doing with Dr. Welhouse). 


-Blood Pressure: aprrox 40 point drop in systolic BP and 20-30 drop in diastolic

-Decreased symptoms of gastric reflux: I used to take Prilosec and later some supplements for this and often had digestion and acid problems. These are now gone when I combine properly.

-Decrease in certain urinary symptoms and kidney problems.

-I am also currently working on increasing my ability to digest wheat and on decreasing my symptoms of tinnitus.


-Much less emotional and able to handle stressful situations now without becoming emotional (this is partly due to a supplement as well as the diet)

-Reproductive Issues: A decrease in long cycle length by approx 10-15 days and a decreased incidence of menstrual cramps

-Psoriasis and acne is beginning to clear up (70-90% improvement)

Both of us:

-Better ability to focus: on our jobs, daily tasks, learning new things, etc.

-More energy: We have noticed a marked increase in energy and stamina throughout our day. We no longer come home from work beat and sit around all night.

-We are both calmer and have better ability to handle stress in our jobs, relationships, and lives. Eric feels better able to handle high stress situations as an RN and says he is able to think much more clearly.

-We are both easier to get along with :o).

-Less indigestion (when combining well)


We have noticed these changes, among other things in our daily lives and, for the first time in our lives, feel truly “healthy.” It has been an amazing experience for us. If any of you are open to trying a new way of eating or would like to explore holistic healthcare options, we would be happy to be a resource. Dr. Renee successfully treats many common health conditions including coronary artery disease (including decreasing coronary artery blockages in some cases), works with chronic fatigue patients, congestive heart failure, AIDS patients, gall bladder disease, diseases or conditions affecting the bowels/colon, specializes in cancer treatment etc. She has also helped a number of formerly insulin-dependent diabetics to control sugars without insulin.  She teaches her patients how to heal through the use of foods and other methods described above. She does great work, and places personal responsibility on the patient to make the changes necessary in order to heal. There is no magic bullet. Dr. Renee can help people make dramatic health improvements, but in the end it comes down to personal responsibility to following her recommendations.  


 Please see the links for more specific information on the food combining as well as resources. Also note Dr. Renee's food combining chart and some more specific info on the food combining diet if you are interested. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about our journey.

We wish you well in your quest for good health!