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Dr. Renee Welhouse:


Dr Renee practices out of:


The Wellhouse Center

6562 Lake Rd

Windsor, WI 53598



Proper Food Combining Works: A Living Testimony by Lee DuBelle

"A thorough investigation into the mechanics of human digestion and the practical applications of food combining principles ("

Proper Food Combining Cookbook by Lee DuBelle

-These books can be purchased from:


Our Chiropractor:


Mathew McNalley, D.C.

1021 N. Superior Avenue
Tomah,  WI  54660



-Dr. McNally practices upper cervical chiropractic, specifically NUCCA chiropractic. This is much different from traditional chiropractic care and adjustments typically hold much longer-months to years in some people after initiation of this type of Chiropractic care. Eric has held for 15 months and counting. This has proven very cost-effective and, many say, it is a more effective technique. Check out for more information about NUCCA chiropractic in particular and to do a doctor search. Also, below are 2 D.C.'s who we have heard recommended in other areas.



Dr.  Kathy  Lord
Lord Spinal Care
6220 Nesbitt Rd
Fitchburg,  WI  53719
Phone: 608-442-7400
Fax: 608-442-1105
Dr.  Jaime  Blechschmidt
220B S. 2nd Street
Hudson,  WI  54016
Phone: 715-377-0622
Fax: 715-377-0884


Food Combining Articles and Links:

*Information here is intended to provide further information from different sources regarding food combining and possibly toxin cleansing that we have found helpful. We are not recommending any specific type of program or treatment that these websites may suggest. These are personal decisions, best made under the guidance of a healthcare practitioner familiar with a specific program.

1. This excerpt from Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond Copyright 1985 gives a fairly detailed description regarding how and why food combining works including how it aids in detoxifying the body and weight loss, and mostly describes what we have come to understand about food combining. Also included are the names of some of the primary researchers of this concept if anyone cares t do a further review of the literature.  Click on "Back" for more information and other interesting links, including:

2. -Click here for some statements about an improper diet's effect on the heart (heart disease), allergies, and other conditions. Also a brief explanation regarding the ineffectiveness of digestive enzymes with improper combinations and more. Click on "Learn More" on the bottom or click here for a series of pages regarding what toxins look like when built up in the body, how they stress your system, how they cause weight gain, etc. Also included is this particular organizations cleansing program.